Molino Multicereale - Impareggiabile Sicurezza e Qualità Tecnologica



Andriani SpA has been a world leader in the production of gluten-free pasta for 15 years. The production site, entirely "allergen free", also has a milling plant designed for grinding any grain that is gluten-free in nature.
Worldwide, we are the multi-grain mill that offers the largest number of multi-use flours, customized blends of multi-grain flours, preparations for bakery products, grains from controlled supply chains. What sets us apart is the innovative spirit, declined in anything we do.
The ingredients used and the employees selected are optimized for our customers' success. We create high quality products, share knowledge, develop creativity for today's food and invest resources for tomorrow's innovation.

Unique multicereal mill designed by Andriani and Bühler group.

  • All types of raw materials, naturally gluten-free (cereals, pseudo-cereals, legumes, ancient cereals), which can be handled on the same cleaning and milling lines.
  • 3,000 m2;
  • 40,000 tons annual capacity;
  • 2 product lines: natural and modified flours;
  • 2,450 tons storage capacity

Unparalleled food safety and technological quality

The prerequisites
  • representative samples.
  • robust analytical plan in acceptance and during the process in terms of allergens, chemical contaminants, microbiological contaminants, foreign bodies, GMOs;
  • State-of-the-art systems to guarantee constant technological quality
  • standardization of raw materials to guarantee constant technological quality;
  • raw materials from controlled supply chains
  • High Hygenic Design guaranteed by Buhler® implants
  • maximum traceability

Certificazioni aziendali

Certificazioni di Prodotto

Range di prodotti

Due linee di prodotto: farine native e farine pregelatinizzate; Varianti da produzione agricola integrata o da produzione agricola biologica.


Lenticchie Piselli Fagioli Ceci
Rosse Verdi Bianchi Bianchi
Verdi Gialli Rossi Neri
Gialle Neri
Nere Mung

Cereali, Pseudo-Cereali, Semi

Mais Riso Saraceno Avena Sorgo Quinoa
Giallo Bianco Amaranto
Bianco Integrale Teff
Rosso Cassava


Our R&D Team is ready to assist you in developing new products (through the use of pilot plants for bakery products and pasta). The milling plant boasts a high flexibility in terms of granulometric profile.


Soluzioni Packaging


  • new processes;
  • unique recipes;
  • variety of crops for pasta production;


  • flour standardization;
  • better management of cross-contamination;