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The Magic of Legumes


Healthy and ecological, legumes are too often neglected ingredients. Scientific institutions committed to sustainable nutrition recommend encouraging their use in the daily menu. Children are frequently reluctant to consume them.

But their curiosity and willingness to experiment that they naturally possess can be strengthened, actively involving them in paths of discovery and learning that lead them to broaden their taste universe by welcoming these precious ingredients into the menu. "The magic of legumes" is the project promoted by Andriani Educational to bring children closer to pulses and sustainable nutrition through a path based on laboratory teaching: a space in which children can make their own tools, environments and knowledge related to sustainability and to its links with agriculture and food, to the point of becoming bearers of "sustainable" messages with the family and the environments they attend.

The didactics of the laboratory is a stimulus to overcome passivity, to know through exploration and planning, it is not limited to transmitting information, but favors learning through practice, direct observation and analysis of experiences. Thus the magic of pulses project presents participants with different activities that involve an initial involvement and explanation phase, an operational phase in laboratory spaces and a subsequent discussion and reflection on the results obtained, on the dynamics that emerged, on the doubts and curiosities aroused.

In this way it completely involves the children, bringing them closer and inserting them fully into the living spaces they inhabit, giving ample scope to an educational action aimed at stimulating the acquisition of conscious behaviors towards the environment and its resources.