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Andriani SpA, leader in the Innovation Food sector, presents the first food education program reserved for primary schools to raise awareness of sustainability issues and the importance of adopting an healthy and natural lifestyle while respecting oneself and the surrounding environment.

The project involves the participation of teachers, students and their families who will form an extended working group on sustainable food.

Cooking workshops, research and in-depth studies, school gardens and other concrete experiences that will also involve experts in the food sector are scheduled.

Starting from the seeds and in particular from the legumes, you will discover how to develop a more sustainable lifestyle, aimed at individual wellbeing and the environment, without giving up the pleasure of being together and enjoying good food.


The route features legumes, ingredients of ancient tradition of the Mediterranean diet, recommended by experts for the healthy virtues and the positive impact that their consumption has on the environment, especially by children and young people.

Learning to appreciate a menu full of health-friendly, environmental and people-producing ingredients is one of the goals shared by international authorities to promote the spread of a sustainable diet, essential for safeguarding well-being.

A goal to be pursued from an early age, given that eating habits take root already in early childhood. The complexity of the world of consumption transmits, often, contradictory stimuli, which are not in harmony with our health and that of the planet. Strategies are therefore needed to renew the daily routine with new habits, new ingredients and new recipes, to be promoted in the family and at school, to foster a balanced and conscious relationship with food.

In this scenario, the Andriani company represents Italian excellence. Engaged for years in the production of gluten-free flour and pasta, it has been on the front of sustainability from the beginning.

His attention to the environment and to health emerges through a particular care of the whole production chain, which respects the organic farming criteria with rigor and innovation.

The Andriani products also ensure the highest quality of the raw materials and preserve the characteristics of the starting ingredients: whole grains and “organic” legumes for flour and pasta rich in precious fibers and protective nutrients that reflect the principles of a healthy diet disclosed in the scientific field.

"Our goal is to spread the principles of a sustainable diet for the environment and health through the research-action methodology and laboratories, which does not include giving dogmas and abstract lessons, but actively involving all participants in experiences stimulating and constructive ", declared Michele Andriani, President of Andriani SpA


General Targets

  • Make children aware of the planet's wealth and bio-diversity.
  • Educate to the acquisition of conscious behaviors towards the resources of the environment, culture and health, as essential elients for human well-being.
  • Stimulating the knowledge of the territory through direct experience.
  • Strengthen the ability to observe and experiment with natural phenomena.
  • Acquire a multidisciplinary method able to face the complexity linked to the food world.
  • Critically recognize the diversity in the forms in which it manifests itself as a value and a resource to be protected (biodiversity, cultural diversity ...).
  • Becoming aware that individual and collective choices and actions have consequences not only for the present but also for the future.
  • Identify and experiment strategies for sustainable living.
  • Discover the basic elients of the Mediterranean diet and how these positively influence well-being.
  • Understand the advantages of organic products. Cooperate and work in groups.