2021 Sustainability Management Report - ANDRIANI SPA

2021 Sustainability Management Report

The new report called the Sustainability Management Report reports on the activities carried out by Andriani during 2021 and is one of the main communication tools the Company has with their stakeholders: each of the seven chapters refers to the 17 SDGs, to underline their increasingly active commitment towards Sustainable Development and their contribution to the pursuit of the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact and the objectives of Agenda 2030, while detailing both sustainability performance and the results obtained on the theme of SDGs and initiatives for common benefit and economic and financial information that in 2021 showed an increase in turnover equal to +9% compared to 2020, with the achievement of added global value of more than 24 million Euro.

The Report moreover, defines an evolutionary path of responsibility and awareness even compared to current scenarios, in which companies, driven by a proactive and innovative spirit, put their knowledge into a system by opening themselves up more and more to collaboration and cooperation with third parties as a solution for virtuous growth.
“This document highlights the enormous effort that the entire agri-food chain is accomplishing not only in pursuit of economic results but in terms of a radical transition. In this direction 2021 for us was a really exciting year: finally the entire society, institutions, governments and citizens are urging us towards rapid and real change” declared Michele Andriani, President and MD of Andriani S.p.A. Benefit Corporation, introducing the Sustainability Management Report. Drafted in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards, defined by the  GRI Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standard 2021), with Standard GBS 2013, and Standard BIA by B Lab, the Sustainability Management Report is certified by the auditing company Deloitte & Touche S.p.A. according to the criteria of the principle ISAE 3000 Revised.