2020 Sustainable Development Report - ANDRIANI SPA

2020 Sustainable Development Report

Now in its third edition the Andriani S.p.A. Benefit Corporation Sustainable Development Report that reports and certifies the activities carried out in 2020 and drawn up in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards, defined by the GRI Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI Standards”), according to the Core option and certified by the auditing company Deloitte & Touche S.p.A. according to the ISAE 3000 Revised principle.

In the new Report 2020, which is one of the main communication tools with their stakeholders, Andriani in each chapter makes references to the SDGs to provide non-financial information on matters relating to governance, human rights, personal, social and environmental issues and to provide details of all the elements that distinguish their strategy towards the environment, people and their entrepreneurial vision.

A vision that follows an evolutionary development and that, in accordance with the values ​​of transparency and sharing that inspire and guide the company, integrates innovation and sustainability and combines the concept of Natural Innovators with that of Open Innovators, to underline their role as a company that is not only able to influence the market but to also to inspire the entire supply chain in the sector through the promotion at all levels of a new awareness on matters relating to sustainable development by making their knowledge available to all by setting up virtuous and innovative processes both inside the company as well as for third-parties.

After all 2020 for Andriani was a year of transformation during which they adhered to the Benefit Corporation model and acquired a new status as the founding member of the UN Global Compact Network Italy: concrete commitments that define the new entrepreneurial approach and their role as agents of change.

It is precisely due to this virtuous and dynamic process that also had a positive impact on their economic performance (+21% 2020 VS 2019),  the company chose to invest in an important energy efficiency plan that will see their production plant achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.


In a constantly changing context even the first half of 2021 for Andriani meant engaging in diversified activities in favour of sustainable development aimed at in particular, at implementing an increasingly inclusive corporate culture through initiatives to support D&I, and the development of innovative and original circular economy projects. The first few months of 2021 were also an important time for Felicia, the flagship brand of Andriani, with the highest number of innovative and naturally gluten-free pasta varieties on the market, which was the focus of an ambitious brand relaunch through the ‘Alimentiamo l'ottimismo’ (Feed Optimism) campaign with the brand’s first appearance on TV.  In addition to the commercial, the subject of an important multichannel strategic plan on Mediaset, On Demand, Social and Programmatic Video networks, the campaign is also being aired on the radio and with targeted in-store communication activities with the launch of a new and iconic pack system to support the expansion of the healthy pasta range and the creation of a new web portal and e-commerce of the brand. Investments that only in the first six months of the year saw a growth of +28% in volume and +24% in value for Felicia (Source Nielsen, IQ Vendite a Valore and Volume Andriani Iper + Super YTD 31/05/2021).